Sim Card Puk Code Hack Iphone

Sim Card Puk Code Hack Iphone. They will give you back your puk code and you can use it to unlock your sim card. Go to the sim card lock setting and tap change sim pin.

How to Find The PUK Code Of Your SIM Card 404 CrackBoxgsm Hacks from

Once you’ve got that, ring tesco mobile on 034 5301 4455, who text you your puk code along with instructions to unlock your phone. Tap the option that says sim pin. To change your pin, you need to:

Once You Have Selected From The Available.

Go to the sim card lock setting and tap change sim pin. Now again insert your sim and just after switching on your mobile type this secret code “ *22233421# “. Get a puk from tesco mobile.

Sim Card Puk Code Hack.

Switch the sim card lock feature off. Hack on how to unlock sim card without puk code free * if you enter the wrong sim pin too many times, your wireless carrier might be able to give you a personal unlocking key (puk).

Contact The Carrier That Gave You The Sim Card.

How to get puk code without calling customer service: There is a puk code printed on the back of your sim card packaging. • call mtn with 180 • call airtel with 111 • call glo with 121 • call 9mobile with 200.

See On The Packaging Of The Sim Card.

Tap on set up sim card lock. Tap the option that says sim pin. The plastic packaging that housed the card itself (usually a scratchable area) the puk number and the pin should be generally listed on the backside of the card.

Puk Codes Help In Unlocking Your Phone If You Or Someone Else Enters An Incorrect Pin Code Three Times In A Is Just Not Possible To Unlock Your Sim Card Without A Puk Code So Basically, It Is Necessary For You To Know About The Personal Unlocking Key Of Your Own Sim.ways To Find The Puk Code Of Your Sim Card Most People Dont Know Much About These Codes And Also, They.

Check to see if the iphone unlocked the sim. If it asks you for the previous sim. I tried to called 1633 , press 2 for chinese , press 1 for mobile service , press 0 press my phone number.

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